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Diposting pada

Here’s the Privacy Policy: posts content including articles, images, videos or audio every day;
2.The source of the content that posts comes from various sources on the internet and other sources documented by contributors;
3.User or user agrees with this privaccy police blog when opening and reading or viewing content on this blog;
4.Every user is prohibited from commenting harshly or personally attacking;
5.Every user is prohibited from promoting live links or live links on any content or page on; users who want to comment on article content must provide comments related to the content of the article, if the user does not heed it, the comments will be deleted;
6.Every user is prohibited from copying, duplicating, and / or republishing the content on this blog without the permission of;

  1. Actions in the form of copying content, duplicating content and / or republishing content will be reported to the authorities;
  2. All content on is protected and acts under the legal umbrella of the ITE Law;
  3. The act of copying content, duplicating content and or republishing content belonging to will be prosecuted under the ITE Law.
  4. privacy police, every user who uses agrees to this privacy police.
    The Privacy Policy may change if deemed necessary.
    This is the Privacy Policy